Phone-A-Thon Instructions

Instructions for Answering the Phone

“Thank you for calling the NBC15 Share Your Holidays Phone-a-thon. Would you like to make a credit card donation?”


  1. Ask the caller “What amount would you like to donate?”
    Either click the corresponding button or type the amount in the “other” box to the right.
  2. “May I get your first name and last name?”
    Fill in caller information (FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, EMAIL)
  3. “And an email where we can send your donation receipt?”
    An email address is required, but if the caller does not provide an email address, you will need to generate a unique fake email address using the email generator further down on this page. Copy and paste the auto-generated email into the email field. Click the email generator button EACH TIME a caller does not provide an email address.
  4. Would you like to receive Second Harvest e-newsletter and other email communications?
    If yes, click the check box that says “I’d like to receive the e-scoop newsletter and other digital communications.”
    If no, leave check box unchecked.
  5. “May I get a phone number? Great, thank you!
    Enter the caller’s phone number.
  6. “You may go ahead with your 16-digit credit card number”
    Click “credit card” button and ask for caller’s CARD NUMBER
    ONLY USING CREDIT CARDS ONLINE – no bank transfers, PayPal, or Venmo.                                                
  7. “When you are ready, please tell me the expiration date.”
    Enter the expiration date.
  8. … And the security code?”
    Enter the security code.
  9. “To ensure accuracy, please repeat the credit card number, expiration date, and security code. I cannot read them back to you for security purposes.”
    As the caller reads their information again, double-check that your entry matches up.
  10. “May I get the billing address associated with this card?”
    Enter billing address.
  11. Click “I’m not a robot” box.
  12. Confirm the total with the caller, once the caller confirms click “Give Now”.
  13. Do not hang up while you wait for the confirmation of payment screen.
    Let the donor know the gift was successfully processed and before you hang up say “Thank you for your gift to the NBC15 Share Your Holidays campaign benefitting Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin.”
    If you get an error message, refer to FAQs for the procedure to resolve it.
  14. After you hang up, close the donation page browser tab.
  15. Open a new tab.
  16. Click the Phone-a-thon bookmark for a new donation page.
  17. Then wait for the next caller – you’re doing great! Thank you for being here!

If the caller does not want to give their email or does not have one

Use this email generator EACH TIME a caller does not provide an email address. The email generator will provide you a unique email address, which you will copy from here, and paste into the email field. Please note; this tool will auto-generate a new code for you every 5 seconds.
To help keep our data clean, it is essential for you not to use the same email more than one time.

Email to copy/paste