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What if you offered your guests everything that was available at the Foodbank for $0.18/lb or less?...How would that change their lives - and your budget?

What's in stock is ever-changing, with new food, paper products, and personal hygiene supplies arriving daily. Start your order 12 calendar days before your pick-up or delivery, and then continue to edit it up until your order deadline. This practice will give you and your program guests so much more variety, and help you and your budget make the most of Foodbank membership.

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Order Deadlines:

Orders must be received 3 business days prior to your pick-up or delivery date.

To receive your order on a…(place your order by...)

  • Monday (12 p.m. the previous Wednesday)
  • Tuesday (12 p.m. the previous Thursday)
  • Wednesday (12 p.m. the previous Friday)
  • Thursday (12 p.m. the previous Monday)
  • Friday (12 p.m. the previous Tuesday)

Warehouse Hours for Pick-up Orders:

  • Monday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30am - noon
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 8:30am - 2pm

Need to schedule a delivery?

Contact the Food Distribution Coordinator at 608-216-7201.

Experiencing technical difficulties or have a problem with your order?

Contact the Food Distribution Coordinator at 608-216-7201.