Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin distributed bags of uncooked breaded chicken products between the dates of 4/27/20 and 5/18/20 through our normal outlets, including partner agencies and mobile pantries. Despite recent upgrades in the labels we use on bags of product to identify ingredients and cooking instructions, some labels on these bags are becoming detached during transit. As a result, the bag may have displayed an incorrect label indicating that the product was something other than uncooked breaded chicken, or no label at all.

If you’ve received product in a clear plastic bag from Second Harvest Foodbank that looks like breaded chicken, but the label indicates that it is something else or there is no label at all, please be sure to cook the item to an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Alternately you may discard the product.

We are issuing this alert and sharing information in an abundance of caution and ask that you contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

To see the ingredients and cooking instructions for the uncooked breaded chicken, see below.