Family facing hunger.STRENGTH IN NUMBERS

Separately, we do good work. Together, our ripples become waves, and we accomplish great things. Together, we raise awareness, we raise resources, we raise solutions, and we raise hope.

Currently, Second Harvest is only accepting membership applications from non-profit organizations and churches that sponsor an emergency grocery program (food pantry and backpack program), meal site or shelter.

Not quite sure if you want to be a member? Check out these benefits to partnering with Second Harvest.

Follow these steps to apply for membership:

  1. Complete the Quick Evaluation Tool, to see if your agency may qualify for membership.
  2. Review the Membership Agreement BEFORE you start the application, to ensure your agency can agree to the terms of membership. Also see the Agency Resource Manual, which is referenced in the Membership Agreement.
  3. Submit completed application and any supporting documentation to the Food Distribution Manager.

Once we receive your completed application packet, we will review it and contact you to let you know if your application can proceed to the next step. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for us to contact you. For questions about the application process, contact the Food Distribution Manager, Ann De Tienne at 608-216-7207.

Join us. Together, we can end hunger.