CARES Act/ARPA funds through September 2021

As the CARES Act came to a close, Dane County mobilized funds from the newer American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to allow Second Harvest to continue its efforts to strengthen our community by bringing healthy food to those struggling with hunger, and relief for local food producers at the same time. 

6.7 million pounds graphic

... of food was distributed to Dane County residents


74% of food graphic

... of food distributed was fresh produce (27%), dairy (23%), and meat/protein (24%)


"On a financial level, the grant provided certainty and constancy in a very uncertain time. On a social level, the grant(s) made it possible for the food we grow to reach a much wider community - a population that often does not have access to such high quality, fresh, local food."

Crossroads Community Farm, LLC

26 farmers graphic

... were able to have a reliable outlet for their food, and get the help they needed to stay in business

141 agencies & programs graphic

... received food purchased with funding from this program


"As the growing season began in the Spring of 2020 we had already ordered all of our seeds and started planting when it became clear that Covid-19 was going to completely change our vegetable business. We were growing over 40 types of vegetables for restaurants in Dane County, but unfortunately they were no longer able to use most of them. Working with Second Harvest allowed us to harvest nearly  100% of our crops and know that all of the fresh food was being eaten by people who needed it in our county. We were incredibly grateful for the financial support to keep our farm in business and for the opportunity to participate in a program that was having such a positive impact. To see this initiative continue over two full seasons, during such challenging times, has given me optimism about our ability to come together to create programs that support local farms and expand access to fresh produce for everyone in our community who needs it."


Eric Elderbrock
Elderberry Hill Farm