FoodShare recipient holding Quest cardFOODSHARE OUTREACH PROGRAM

In addition to food distribution, one of the other ways Second Harvest helps put food on the tables of individuals and families who are facing hunger is by helping people understand and apply for government food assistance programs. The largest of these government programs is called S.N.A.P. (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). In Wisconsin the name for the federal S.N.A.P. program is FoodShare. If you're not familiar with S.N.A.P. or FoodShare you may recognize its original name, food stamps.

FoodShare is the most efficient program for providing emergency food assistance. For every $5 that goes into the program, $9 in local economic activity is generated. But too often people who may be eligible for benefits don't enroll because they are embarrassed or feel the stigma that surrounds the program.

Through our FoodShare Outreach Program we make sure that people struggling with hunger understand what FoodShare is, the eligibility requirements, and the benefits they could be receiving if they got approved.

One other important way we help people is to help them fill out the application for FoodShare benefits. Why is application assistance so important? The application can be intimidating for those who have never gone through it before. Now imagine sitting down with someone who's gone through it 100's of times. Our FoodShare Outreach staff will help to make sure the application is filled out properly and be there to answer questions the client may have. More importantly they provide hope, comfort and reassurance during a very trying time in the clients' life.

Every year FoodShare Outreach Specialists help thousands of people apply for benefits. The benefits they receive provide millions of meals right here in southwestern Wisconsin.

To reach our FoodShare Outreach Specialists, call 877-FOOD-635 (877-366-3635) or visit

Second Harvest Foodbank thanks our fiscal year 2021 donors…
Evjue Foundation, Charitable Arm of The Capital Times, Feedng AmericaThe Colonel Robert H. Morse Foundation, John Deere Foundation, RKD Group, and Tomah Memorial Hospital Foundation.

If you would like to sponsor the FoodShare Outreach Program, contact Tami Lee at 608-512-3971.