Field to Foodbank image of tractor picking carrots.


Through your support of our Field to Foodbank program more than 2 million pounds of healthy, nutrient-rich produce has made its way to the tables of people facing hunger in southwestern Wisconsin since 2011.

The program is simple; give fruit and vegetable farmers a way to put their extra apple, carrot, potato, snap bean, corn and onion crops on tables of families who need a little help.

In partnership with the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, growers, processors, packing sheds, and trucking companies, the Field to Foodbank program makes sure the extra crops do not go to waste.

You can be part of the Field to Foodbank program by making a donation that will help pay for costs of the program that can't be donated..

If you would like to join the Field to Foodbank program, contact Ian Steele, Food Resource Manager at 608-216-7241.

For an overview of the program, watch the following videos:

Second Harvest Foodbank thanks our fiscal year 2020 Field to Foodbank donors…


If you would like to sponsor the Field to Foodbank Program, contact Chris Ziemba at 608-216-7244.