Power of Partnerships


The Coronavirus pandemic has proven the power of partnerships to meet the unprecedented need caused by this national crisis. Check out a few quotes from partner agencies, and "some inspirational news" from the front lines to help understand the impact the entire network of emergency food providers is having on our community:

"Our systems, finances and people have been challenged in ways we had never considered just one month ago. What we’ve learned, or perhaps simply been reminded of, is that we belong to a community of committed individuals and nimble organizations that can move mountains when called upon. "

Marcia Kasieta
Badger Prairie Needs Network


"The Monday morning we found out our schools were closing we met with school officials to see how we could help.  With spring break coming the following Monday, they were concerned about access to food for families.  We had until the end of the week to use one last touch point with families.  That Friday, Second Harvest deliver 400 kid friendly prepacked boxes to the Sun Prairie School District which were distributed at the schools and the Pantry within the next 48 hours.  It was incredible how Second Harvest pivoted so quickly at such a chaotic time to get this food into the hand of those who needed it the most.  We are so grateful for our partnership with Second Harvest!"

Mark Thompson
Sun Prairie Emergency Food Pantry


"We wouldn't be able to continue our operations as a Food Pantry if it wasn't for our partnership with Second Harvest.   Not only did the staff respond immediately and responsively to the crisis and to agencies' exceptional and quickly changing needs, they did so as collaborators in making sure that all of our operations were synchronized.   We are grateful for their leadership!"

Ellen Carlson
Middleton Outreach Ministry


"Our friends at Second Harvest really stepped up as the pandemic set in. Second Harvest supplied the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry and other area pantries with thousands of pre-packed boxes of food we were then able to provide to clients on a drive-through/curbside basis. That allowed us to adapt our model to serve more people even as we downsized our number of volunteers and socially distanced to help protect the health of all involved."

"We're typically grateful to Second Harvest for being a great partner in helping meet local need for food. We're grateful all the more now for the help in a time of crisis."    

Ernie Stetenfeld
Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Madison


"Thanks to support from Second Harvest, The River Food Pantry has been able to provide more food than ever before to meet the rising demand for our essential services. One of the first weeks after The River initiated our COVID-19 Emergency Food Fund, 802 households brought home a record-setting 72,108 pounds of emergency food and supplies, including countless Second Harvest Care Boxes. Although the transition to curbside grocery distribution was not the easiest for our staff, volunteers, clients, or partners, like Second Harvest, we are all getting through it together.

Charles McLimans
The River Food Pantry


Edwina"I would like to thank God for every man and woman that work here at the St. Vincent de Paul at 2033 Fish Hatchery Road. They're kind, they treat you with respect and great dignity no matter who you are. Special shout-out to the ones that help you to get your medication. The pharmacy and the food pantry and all the volunteers that are there to be of service. I just like to thank God for you all thank you so much, God bless you to make sure I have my medication thank you!"

Program Participant


  • In the comment section of an online donation, the donor said that she had been saving for a vacation and since it had to be cancelled she decided to give us the money she had saved.
  • In another comment that came with an online donation, the donor indicated that the donation was what they had received from the government’s stimulus program. They felt that we could use it more than they could.
  • Hundreds of masks have been sewn and provided to Second Harvest by dozens of people who wanted to help keep our staff, volunteers, and program participants safe.
  • Finally, we received an amazing note that came with a $10 donation from one sixth grader who asked us to tell the families we serve, "We are here for you!! And no matter what, we always will be."



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