Thank you for visiting our podcast page. Here you will find interviews with employees, partners, and clients of Second Harvest describe how they either help solve hunger, or how they cope with struggling with hunger. Our goal with our podcasts is to help you better understand those who struggle with hunger, and those who are trying to end hunger in our community.


We recently interviewed Matt Underwood from Underwood Legal LLC to talk about the goods, the bads, and the uglies about estate planning.


Our latest podcast is an interview with our retiring CEO, Dan Stein. Listen as he describes his life before and during his nearly 11 years at the helm of one of the largest nonprofits in southwestern Wisconsin. He also talks about some of his regrets and hopes for the future of the organization.

The following podcast is a ride along interview with Keith, a driver for Second Harvest for the last four years. Listen as he describes a day in the life of our drivers, what scares him about being on the road, and how he feels knowing he's delivering food to help those facing hunger in our community.

This podcast lets you listen in on a visit with Janet, a senior who recently visited our mobile food pantry in Portage, Wisconsin for the first time. Janet talks about her journey, including devastating lows, and unique highs. She also talks about the difficulty of going to a food pantry the first time, and having to get over her own sense of failure in order to ask for help.

The next podcast features a question and answer session with David Lee, former Executive Director of Feeding Wisconsin. David discusses some of the myths that are out there about those facing hunger, the scope of hunger in Wisconsin, misconceptions of the S.N.A.P.  program (Foodshare in Wisconsin), and creating impact at a state level.

Our first podcast features an interview with Autumn Giddings, she is the Co-Coordinator of the Vine Street Marketplace, a food pantry located in the Wisconsin Dells High School. Hear how growing up in a household that didn't have a lot, and in a supportive community that knew the value of taking care of eachother, has helped determine the guiding principles behind the Vine Street Marketplace.



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