New Whitepaper: Physical and Behavioral Effects of Childhood Hunger


"Hunger can affect people in all walks of life, but one group in particular are the most at risk of experiencing a food crisis - children.  In the United States, 15.3 million children live in households that don’t have enough food to eat on a regular basis, and 21% of all American children live at or below the poverty line.  In the counties served by Second Harvest Foodbank, 18.7% of children are food insecure - over 51,000 kids - and 35% of them live in families who do not qualify for federal nutrition assistance.  Too many children in our country are going hungry, but a lack of adequate food resources can have impacts beyond hunger. Food insecurity - meaning a lack of access to enough food or a lack of access to nutritious food - has serious ramifications for the physical, academic and psychological well-being of children."

This is an excerpt from a whitepaper recently written for us by one of our volunteers, Laura Farrell-Wortman. To download the full whitepaper, click here.


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    We love and support your cause through a third party organization because we know where the help goes. Thank you for your devotion to this great cause!
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