A Record-Breaking 21st Year for NBC15's Share Your Holidays Campaign!


We are so pleased to announce that a record-breaking 3.58 million meals will now go to those struggling with hunger in Southern Wisconsin following the recent holiday season. This past November and December, the 21st annual NBC15 Share Your Holidays campaign to benefit Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin took place. Thanks to the generosity of our incredible community, we surpassed our goal of raising 3.21 million meals by over a quarter-million meals.  

The campaign ran for six weeks, kicking off with a luncheon aimed at raising the first 21,000 meals. Every dollar raised throughout the campaign provided three meals. While the campaign received charitable donations online and over the phone over the course of the holidays, much of the campaign’s success was also due to several generous sponsors, who matched every donation made on the December 8 Grand Finale. 

Over the course of 21 years, the NBC15 Share Your Holidays campaign has raised 36 million meals for us here at Second Harvest Foodbank. Read more about the history of the event in our December 2015 newsletter, which celebrated the 20th year of the campaign. 

Thanks again to all of the donors and sponsors who helped make 2016 a groundbreaking year for the NBC15 Share Your Holidays campaign!


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