National Volunteer Month: Celebrating our volunteers and their important job


National Volunteer Month

Happy April everyone, and more importantly, happy National Volunteer Month! At Second Harvest Foodbank, our goals would be unattainable without the generous donation of time from our selfless volunteers. In fact, 39 percent of all our hours worked towards relieving hunger in the community are volunteer hours. 

Those who take time out to work for the benefit of others don’t only get the satisfaction of supporting a cause they care about. There is actually a measured benefit of about 65 meals per hour each of our volunteers gives! Check out our volunteering home page for more information.

Volunteering is especially significant in the context of one’s own community. Influencing a community through charitable work by its members frees up public funding for policy change and other resources only available form government support. More importantly however, volunteering within one’s own community has a massive impact, as community enrichment occurs through both relationship building and charitable giving. 

Read about more ways you can personally benefit from volunteering: Volunteer Scoop Newsletter March - May 2017

Second Harvest Volunteers

Our many volunteers often express that volunteering is also a great educational experience about the issue of hunger in the community. One of our volunteers, Emily, made the great point that hunger is often a relatively “out of sight” problem in our community. Volunteerism allows that problem to be introduced to the public eye, greatly increasing the attention and care it deserves. Read Emily’s account and more here!

Volunteer opportunities at Second Harvest are available for both groups and individuals. Even families with children as young as 12 can help, so truly anyone has the chance to do their part for the community! If you have an hour to put in your 65 meals, you can sign up to volunteer today!

Ending hunger depends on the neighborly support of the community, so we would like to thank all those who gave of their own time to help raise awareness of this problem. Happy National Volunteer Month!


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