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Second Harvest is on the front lines of the fight to end hunger. Whether it be the loss of a job/underemployment, an illness, or the rush of millions of gallons of water; Second Harvest is here to provide assistance to those facing hunger in southwestern Wisconsin.

Since the devastating rains that have hit our area over the past two weeks, our supporters want to know if we were impacted negatively. While our facility was not impacted, at least two of the local partner agencies in our network of emergency food providers suffered catastrophic damage and loss of food, forcing them to temporarily close. Additionally, the road closures that are continuing to happen have had a significant impact on our ability to both deliver food to some of our local agencies, and pick up food from some of our generous food donors.

Our supporters also want to know how we are responding. Take a look:

  • The first thing to understand is how disaster relief efforts are coordinated. Local efforts are coordinated through V.O.A.D.'s (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters). V.O.A.D.'s are responsible for assessing the need in the affected area, identifying the best organization(s) who can help, then reaching out to those organizations, like Second Harvest, who can help. We have been in regular contact with our local V.O.A.D. to offer our assistance.
  • Flood relief emergency food distributionThis past Saturday we were part of a multi-agency event on Madison's west side designed to provide resources to those affected by floods. We brought 6 tons of food to the event  - enough food to meet the immediate food needs of 200 families to the event.
  • On August 30th we delivered enough food to Viroqua to help 150 families.
  • On August 31st we are bringing food for 100 families to the Black Earth/Mazomanie area.
  • We are working with the Coordinators of those agencies to develop a temporary solution until they are able to open their doors again.

Finally, our supporters also want to know how they can help. To support our efforts to help those affected by the floods, simply click the button below. If you would like you may also give to the local chapters of the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, both are fellow members of our regional V.O.A.D.

Together we will be there for those whose lives have been impacted by the floods.

Flood Relief Donation Button


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