NBC15 Share Your Holidays Marketing Toolkit

The NBC15 Share Your Holidays to eliminate hunger food/fund drive marketing kit includes a wide range of tools you can use to make your food/fund drive more successful. From banner ads and logos to newsletter verbiage and a customizable poster, you're sure to find valuable ways to spread the word about your food/fund drive.


Social Media

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Fact Sheet

Download this fact sheet for Second Harvest Foodbank statistics and information on who we serve.


Use the NBC15 Share Your Holidays logo to promote your food/fund drive. Right click on the logo below and choose "Save image as..." to save the image to your system. This jpg image will suffice for web use and in-house print jobs. If you need a higher resolution image, contact Laura Gaffney at 608-216-7205. Please share any materials that includes the NBC15 Share Your Holidays logo prior to publication/distribution by emailing Laura Gaffney. Thank you for attention to this request which helps celebrate and preserve the NBC15 Share Your Holidays brand that has been created over the past 21 years.

   NBC15 Share Your Holidays to eliminate hunger campaign logo

Campaign Name Usage Guidelines

Use the NBC15 Share Your Holidays campaign name to promote your food/fund drive. Thank you for adhering to the following guidelines to help celebrate and preserve the NBC15 Share Your Holidays brand that has been created over the past 22 years.

  • 1st reference: NBC15 Share Your Holidays to eliminate hunger campaign
  • Acceptable on 2nd reference (or 1st if campaign logo also present): NBC15 Share Your Holidays campaign

Campaign Poster

Download this 8.5"x11" customizable poster. Write the specific details (dates, if collecting funds and/or food, where to bring donations within your building, any special events, any incentives for donating) on the poster and display it to promote your NBC15 Share Your Holidays food/fund drive.

Cash Jar Label

Download the NBC15 Share Your Holidays cash jar label to decorate your monetary collection container.


Download the NBC15 Share Your Holidays pin-up to help raise funds for the campaign. Sell the pin-ups for $1 or more, have the donors sign their names and proudly display the donated pin-ups in a place where more people will be encouraged to donate.

Social Media Blitz Sign

Download the NBC15 Share Your Holidays Social Media Blitz sign and participate in this fun way of honoring the campaign's 23rd anniversary by posting a photo to our social media on November 15th.  Don't forget to use #SYH23. 

"I Shared My Holidays" Circle Sticker

Download a sheet of stickers so your food/fund drive participants can proudly display "I Shared My Holidays". Use Avery White High Visibility Labels - #5293, 1 2/3” diameter. When printing from PDF, choose “Actual Size” under Size Options. Do not select "Fit” or artwork will shrink and stickers will be misaligned.

$10 vs. $10 Poster

Download this poster which illustrates how Second Harvest Foodbank can stretch a dollar.

Most Needed Items List

Download this list of most needed non-perishable food and non-food grocery items in:

Hunger Stories

The stories of how people come to face hunger are filled with every kind of emotion; from fear and uncertainty to hope and resolve. Just like the fact there is no one face of hunger, similarly, there is no one story of hunger either. View these Hunger Stories to understand what it's like to live with food insecurity.

Hungry Kate

Kate seems like an ordinary girl, but her family has to make tough decisions and sometimes that means no money for food. Learn the rest of Kate's story by watching the video and checking the links to Kate Resources.

Banner Ads

Adding one of these banner ads to your website is easy. Simply right click on the image and choose "Save image as..." to save the image to your system. Then insert the image on to your website as you normally would. The pixel size of each ad is listed below the ad. Please link the ad to our NBC15 Share Your Holidays webpage or to your Virtual Food Drive Team Page.

160px x 600px

250px x 250px

428px x 60px


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