Wednesday, December 11, 2019 – Alliant Energy Center

Thank you for signing up to volunteer during the NBC15 Share Your Holidays to eliminate hunger Grand Finale Phone-a-thon and/or Sort-a-thon! Your support will help us achieve this year's inspirational goal to raise just ONE MORE MEAL after last year's record breaking 4.45 MILLION MEALS Raised.

Below is important information related to your volunteer experience. Please review carefully in advance of the Grand Finale and notify your organization's primary contact of any questions.

Second Harvest Foodbank Contact 

For any Grand Finale volunteering questions, your organization's primary contact should get in touch with Pam Higham via email. 


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  • Overview: Answer phones and accept credit card donations and pledges 
  • Age: 18 or older 
  • Dress: in layers (Hall can be chilly) 
  • Training: Review the phone-a-thon instructions (instructions coming soon) in advance. You'll also receive training before your shift.


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  • Overview: Sort, inspect and pack the food donated throughout NBC15 Share Your Holidays. The goal is to do the best job, not the fastest. Food items need to be well inspected and packed efficiently. 
  • Age: 12 and older (Adult supervision required for ages 12-15) 
  • Dress: Casual, comfortable layers (Hall can be chilly). No open-toed shoes. 
  • Training: You'll receive training at the start of your shift. 
  • Assigned Stations: View schedule  and remember the station number(s) to which you are assigned to streamline the shift change process.

Volunteer Names

Your organization's primary contact should not provide individual volunteer names in advance. At on-site Registration, volunteers will check in by organization name.

How To Cancel a Shift

Having challenges filling all your reserved spots? Your organization's primary contact should get in touch with Pam Higham as soon as possible. We need all Phone-a-thon and Sort-a-thon shifts filled to meet the campaign's 4.5 million meal goal. If you're swapping one volunteer for another to fill all your reserved spots, we do not need to know this in advance since we're not collecting names.


General Information/Instructions

  • Date: Wednesday, December 11
  • Location: Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center (Hall D), 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison 
  • Arrival time: 10-15 minutes before the start of your shift 
  • Bringing a food or monetary donation: Thank you! We'll accept it at Registration. 
  • Personal items: There will be coat racks in the Volunteer Waiting Area to hang jackets and place winter boots. Please do not bring in purses or other valuables. 
  • Refreshments: Water, coffee and cocoa will be served complimentary in the Volunteer Waiting Area. If your shift is over a normal meal time, please plan to eat before/after because food and beverages are not permitted in the Hall. 
  • Dress to be seen: Volunteering during the Grand Finale is a fun team building activity and can also yield on-air visibility for your organization. Some things to enhance visibility are matching logoed shirts or hats for your group or holiday flare like Santa hats or reindeer antlers. Have fun with volunteering and find ideas in-synch with the volunteer work you’re doing… a blinky necklace might not be the safest for sifting through food on the Sort-a-thon and reindeer antlers hinder you comfortably answering phones on the Phone-a-thon, but if not, go for it! 

Grand Finale Back-Up Date – Wednesday, December 18

Not holding the Grand Finale on December 11 would be a last resort – for severe weather. The goal of a back-up date is advanced awareness so hopefully most everyone can mobilize. Please share this date with your Volunteers. We do understand use of a back-up date may present challenges with your organization’s schedule and/or employees’ personal commitments and affect your presence.


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