NBC15 Share Your Holidays

Come to the table and help us distribute 5 million meals

NBC15 Share Your Holidays

For 25 years, the NBC15 Share Your Holidays campaign has provided light in dark times for those facing hunger in our community. Last year alone, the campaign helped tens of thousands of people who were new to the idea of asking for help because of the pandemic. This year, during the 26th annual campaign, we are inviting you to Come To The Table by helping us reach our goal of providing 5 million meals. This invitation is for supporters and those needing help to work together to make our community stronger.

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Why Come To The Table? The kitchen table can be a magical place. It’s where families bond, where we welcome friends and strangers alike to share a meal, and where problems are solved. It’s at the table where we come together and work out the challenges of the day.

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Unfortunately, for those struggling with hunger, the kitchen table can be a constant reminder of the difficult times they’re going through. Parents look at the empty table and think of the challenges their kids have in school because they don’t have enough to eat. And they remember all the meals they have skipped because it was more important for their kids to eat than them.

This year we invite you to Come To The Table to solve the challenge of ensuring everyone has enough food to thrive. Come To The Table is an invitation to individual financial donors, corporate & business donors, volunteers, partner agencies, or those we help to come together with one common goal…ending hunger!

What does it mean to Come To The Table? Individual, corporate, and business financial donors can secure a seat at the table with financial gifts. For our volunteers, the value of your continued gift of time is almost immeasurable. Our partner agencies are the face of ending hunger in our community; as we walk hand-in-hand through this journey, we will ask you to embrace new ideas and help us expand the size of the table. Finally, for those whose lives can be improved but may be reluctant to ask for help, know that you will be welcomed to the table with open arms and embraced with dignity and inclusion.

The challenges we face are significant. When we all Come To The Table as one village, we can overcome those challenges. Food is a foundational need; when we meet that need for everyone, we all benefit. Won’t you Come To The Table with us?

Second Harvest would like to thank NBC15 Madison for partnering with us for another campaign. We are grateful for their unwavering desire to help the community and trust in Second Harvest to meet the needs of those facing hunger in our community.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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