FoodShare Outreach Card

Asking for help can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. You may be thinking, “It’s not so bad, there are lots of other people who are worse off than me.” But the reality is that many older adults who are on a limited, fixed income struggle to buy enough healthy groceries. Some are even forced to choose between buying groceries and paying for medicine.

FoodShare Outreach Eligibility ChartThat’s why we want to help. There’s a federal program that is designed to help people with a limited income buy groceries…and you may be eligible! It’s called FoodShare Wisconsin, and the program benefits come on the QUEST card. If approved, the money you save on groceries can be used for other bills.

Think you make too much to be eligible? You may be surprised. Check out the chart on the right to see if you may be eligible.

You’ve given so much to our community; will you allow us the chance to give something back? Simply fill out the short form below and one of our FoodShare Wisconsin experts will contact you to see if you are eligible. It's free, fast, and confidential!

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