They Need Our Help

Too often, hungry children don’t have a voice. They are too little or too afraid to tell others that they do not have enough food. You can help families and their children by donating food. When you give food to a food bank or food pantry, you are helping children in need. Not only will you be helping people in your community; you will also be setting a great example for others.

Help a kid in need by giving back to your community!

In southwestern Wisconsin alone, 1 in 5 children face the hardship of hunger. Here are some facts about hunger in Southern Wisconsin.

Malnutrition in America affects many families. Food banks, local food drives, food shelves, food donations, and food pantries are all resources for those who are hungry. We can beat hunger in the United States  if we all work together!

Food Programs For Kids In The Summer

When school is out of session for the summer months, many children do not get the nutrition needed to grow and thrive as a healthy child should. During the school year, free or reduced breakfast and lunch are options for school-children whose parents cannot provide these meals for them.

So what do these kids do in the summertime? This is where our food program comes into play.

As part of our initiative to obliterate hunger, Second Harvest partners with local organizations and supports efforts to increase free meals to kids during the summer. It is vital that we provide free food for children because otherwise, many would go hungry or turn to cheap junk food to feel full.

When we provide free food for kids, they are better able to play, grow, learn, and succeed!

Get Involved!

Do you want to do more to help hunger? Spread the word about Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin. Someone you know may benefit from hearing about our organization. Feeding Wisconsin can only become a reality with your help. Click on the blue button at the top of the page to explore our site and learn more about our programs!