Rochelle and her family face hunger.Rochelle picked a great career that gave her family a comfortable lifestyle – nursing. Her family went on vacations, owned their own house and did all those fun things you do when you have a stable job.

Unfortunately Rochelle lost her job after having some medical issues as a result of a high-risk pregnancy. Even after cashing in her 401k and selling just about everything of value, after a while there wasn’t anything left. Before long she was literally out of food.

“No parent should ever have to worry about their child going hungry.”

To make ends meet she turned to cheap, but unhealthy food. The change in diet had a dramatic effect on her kids. They didn’t sleep, lacked focus and struggled in school.

Then someone recommended food stamps. Food stamps helped her buy the good foods they needed to help all her kids grow strong, and to help her recover.

Now Rochelle and her family are a step closer to feeling normal again.

Rochelle’s story is not unique. It shows just how quickly things can go from comfortable to struggling with hunger.

Thanks to the thousands of people who support Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin, southwestern Wisconsin’s largest hunger-relief charity, millions of meals are provided every year to those, like Rochelle and her family, that need them the most.