Many employers offer matching gift programs to encourage their employees to support charitable causes such as hunger relief. An employer may match your gift or volunteer time dollar for dollar --and sometimes by much more. It can be easy to double or even triple the value of your donation to Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin with a matching gift!

We've put together a list of the companies who have a matching program, take a look.

The information below answers commonly asked questions about matching gifts. For additional information, contact Alexis Cuozzo at 608-216-7220.

How do I find out if my employer offers a matching gift program?

Look for your employer’s name on the matching gift program employer list below . Don't see it? Ask your human resources department if they offer a matching gift benefit. (And if they don't offer it at present, you might want to ask them to consider doing so).

How do I apply for a matching gift?

Check with your human resources department for instructions. They may ask you to complete a paper form or apply online. Most applications only ask for your name, address, and details about your gift -- it's simple!

Where do I send my matching gift form?

Please complete the form and send it along with your gift to:

Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin
2802 Dairy Drive
Madison, WI 53718

Second Harvest Foodbank completes its portion of the form and returns it to your employer, who in turn sends in the matching gift donation.

What if I'm retired?

Many businesses offer this benefit to their retirees as well. Just ask.

Can my spouse also apply for a matching gift?

If your spouse's employer also offers a matching gift program, you may be able to apply for an additional match.

What if I made a donation recently but didn't apply for a matching gift at the time?

Many employers will still match your gift after the fact. Check with them about their requirements, or ask us to find out for you.

What if my employer has a matching gift program but isn’t represented on your list?

If your employer’s name isn’t included on our matching gift program employer list but they have a matching gift program, contact Alexis Cuozzo at 608-216-7220 to have them added.