Looking to join a premier networking group focused on Giving Back to the Community, Professional Development, and Volunteering? NRSSH (pronounced NOURISH) is your answer!

Member benefits include:

  • Play an active role in shaping the next generation of leadership for SHFB
  • Meet and mingle with like-minded peers across South-Central Wisconsin to grow your personal and professional network
  • Gain exclusive access to fundraising, volunteer, and professional development events including program tours, guest speakers, and special events
  • Connect and collaborate with the Board of Directors and senior leadership of SHFB for fundraisers and hands-on and experiential training for future Board membership
  • Serve as a face of SHFB and gain opportunities to grow public speaking skills through community events and advocacy work
  • Enhance your resume and partake in important community service while gaining a sense of philanthropy

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NRSSH Launch

Join  us for our launch party on June 14th at The Lyric!

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