“Without the food pantry I wouldn’t be able to feed my daughters the healthy food that I cannot afford all the time.” Claudia, Client


Man standing in kitchenWith the primary construction activities now complete, we are confident in our ability to meet the goals of the Food. Health. Hope. Campaign. But we can't do it without your help!

Like Claudia, the people we serve through our hundreds of local partner agencies can't always afford fresh, nutritious vegetables and fruits to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. That's why the Food. Health. Hope. Campaign was so vital to us. Between our consolidation and expansion of our coolers, and our freezer addition we added the ability to store 500,000 pounds of healthy and nutritious food!


For nearly two years, we considered multiple ways to achieve our goals including building a new facility, renting space at different facilities, and many other options. In the end, the decision to add-on and reconfigure the existing facility was the most cost effective solution that still provided a long-term, sustainable way to achieve our goals.

This investment now will pay dividends for years to come.

"We believe in building on assets of the community and feel this project fulfills this mission." Madison Community Foundation


So now it’s time to “fill the house” with new produce, fruits and vegetables, dairy, and frozen meat and protein. Would you consider a special gift right now, so we can bring in all that healthy nutritious food as fast as possible? When you do, you can be part of filling the ongoing meal gap that exists. And you can provide men, women, and children facing hunger with new hope for tomorrow.

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