"With no income, we went through our savings and my 401k before hitting rock bottom. We had no money, but we still needed to eat. My wife knew about the food pantry through her work with a local nonprofit– but neither of us wanted to visit. We didn't think it was for people like us. Ultimately though, we swallowed our pride and did what we had to do to feed our family." Dan, Client

Client in his kitchen


People facing hunger are forced to make some very tough decisions when it comes to the food they purchase. For example, if you could provide seven meals for your family by purchasing inexpensive processed food that’s high in sodium, fat and carbohydrates, or three meals using fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat, which would you choose?

Studies show that 83% of the families served by our partner agencies report buying inexpensive and unhealthy food to help make ends meet. 65% report eating expired food!

The combination of not having enough food and not having access to enough nutritious food can have devastating effects on the health of those we serve. Higher rates of obesity, kidney problems, diabetes and high blood pressure are just a few of health problems reported by clients.

For kids the impact can be lifelong! Behavioral problems in school, an inability to learn, attention problems, higher rates of absence in school, and higher dropout rates will affect them the rest of their lives.

To address these chronic health issues we must focus on providing the most nutritious food possible to those we serve. We must provide more fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and protein-rich frozen product like chicken, pork, and lean beef.