Photo of Empty Plate - On an empty stomach, I can't (blank space).  September is Hunger Action Month, when we ask everyone in southwestern Wisconsin to take action to fight hunger in their community, all month long. Hunger Action Month is your opportunity to join a movement that has a real and lasting impact on our effort to feed more community members facing hunger in southwestern Wisconsin and, through our sister Feeding America member food banks, across the nation than ever before. Whether it’s by advocating and raising awareness, making donations or volunteering, you can find the way that’s right for you to make a difference during Hunger Action Month. 

Thousands of southwestern Wisconsin residents will take action on September 10 by sharing Go Orange photos on Facebook and generating donations.

 This year we will use another iconic symbol - the empty plate - to represent and drive awareness of what happens when stomachs are empty.

By sharing experiences on what people can't do without a meal on their plate, we'll illustrate how people can't meet their full potential without the proper nutrition.

  1. Instead of sharing a photo of the food you are enjoying, snap a photo of your empty plate
  2. Post it to your social media accounts & our Facebook page 
  3. Tag your friends and challenge them to do the same using the suggested copy: "What can't you do on an empty stomach? I challenge [NAME] to snap a photo of your empty plate. #HungerAction #Orange4SHFB @FeedingAmerica"