Since it began in 1996, southwestern Wisconsin’s largest food/fund drive campaign has raised more than 36 million meals. This year, thanks to your help, we hope to raise 3.86 million meals for our neighbors facing hunger.

The theme for this year’s campaign is the Power of ONE. It, along with this year’s meal goal, is based off a single gift of $3.86 that we received during last year’s campaign. The amount was not significant because it had a lot of zero’s in it; it was significant because of what it meant to the donor. Despite struggling themselves, the donor knew that we could help many people with their gift.

Donations made via direct debit from a checking or savings account made online after December 15 will not be processed until January, 2018, therefore not eligible for 2017 tax purposes. To ensure that your donation is eligible for a deduction on your 2017 taxes, use a credit or debit card to make your gift by December 31.