American Leadership Exchange Program + Second Harvest

This summer, Second Harvest Foodbank will have a couple of new faces: folks from all around the world are volunteering with us this summer as a part of the AFS/ALEX community. We are a host site of the American Leadership Exchange Program, through the USA State Department.

AFS/ALEX programs empower young people from all backgrounds and cultures with essential skills. These are highly focused short-term, theme-based programs designed to empower folks to change their world, engage in hands-on activities and learn skills vital to becoming a global citizens of tomorrow. As a host site, Second Harvest showcases the food systems of Southern Wisconsin, and invites reflection on hunger and its impact throughout the world.

We’ve hosted two groups so far this year, with another group scheduled to volunteer with us later this year. The groups have all had a blast so far, and we can’t wait to see what they do next! Check out the pictures below! 

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