Food insecurity is particularly damaging to seniors in the community

Food insecurity is an already chronic problem in countless American cities. Like many health-related issues however, it comes with a slew of other specific implications for the elderly. To name a few, seniors facing hunger are at a 53 percent higher risk of heart attack and a 52 percent higher risk of developing asthma (Spotlight on Senior Health).  This is not a problem that is goin… Read More

National Volunteer Month: Celebrating our volunteers and their important job

National Volunteer Month Happy April everyone, and more importantly, happy National Volunteer Month! At Second Harvest Foodbank, our goals would be unattainable without the generous donation of time from our selfless volunteers. In fact, 39 percent of all our hours worked towards relieving hunger in the community are volunteer hours.  Those who take time out to work for the benefit … Read More

2017 - the Year of Food Waste Reduction and Recovery

In March of 2017, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi signed a resolution passed by the County Board of Supervisors declaring 2017 the Year of Food Waste Reduction and Recovery in Dane County.  In support of the ambitious goal set by the USDA and EPA to reduce domestic food loss and food waste by 50% by 2030, Supervisors have resolved to make Dane County a leader in this important initia… Read More

American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation and Madison Community Foundation Help Bring Food Health & Hope

In February we were honored to share that during the first phase of our Food. Health. Hope. Campaign we were able to raise enough funds from donors who were interested in supporting the expansion project to cover the capital costs of the campaign. In addition to the lead gift of $500,000 from the American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation, many other very generous organizations and indivi… Read More

Planting for the local food bank? Take care to do it right

This time of year people who enjoy gardening are thinking about and planning what they will be growing this spring, summer and fall. I know this because I am one of those who has already purchased some of my seeds, and planting time is still a ways off yet. Many gardeners like to donate to food pantries. If you are one of those generous gardeners, Michigan State University Extension&… Read More


Officials from Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin and American Family Insurance announced today the successful completion of the first phase of Second Harvest’s Food. Health. Hope. Campaign. This phase of the campaign included raising $2 million to pay for an expansion of its facility on Madison’s eastside, and completing the primary construction of the new expansion… Read More